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Drunken Tiger 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1168

Drunken Tiger was the name used by a bandit leader, his real name unknown.

Tattoo Edit

The large man had a trademark tiger mid-leap tattooed in his chest. He would often walk around shirtless to show it off. [1]

Phoenix lands Edit

He and his men plagued the southwestern Phoenix provinces, gaining noteriety for being ruthless and difficult to apprehend because of their access to and familiarity with the northern mountains and the Phoenix woodlands. [1]

Lion lands Edit

For unknown reasons, around 1168, they changed their base to an old tower in the northern Lion lands near the Dragon border. There they attacked the Lion farm village of Chibasu killing the samurai guards there, and planted a Dragon Wakizashi to misdirect the Lion retaliation toward their current enemy in the War of Silk and Steel, the Dragon. [1]

Death Edit

The Lion under Akodo Bakin's command found Drunken Tiger's hideout and killed him. [1]

Aftermath Edit

His death created a vacancy of power among the various bandit groups in the southern Phoenix provinces. Bakin felt obliged to deal with it, aided by Ikoma Uchito and the ronin Etsushi. [2]

Legacy Edit

Another bandit named after him, appeared again in the late 12th century. [3]


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