Drunken Mantis

Drunken Mantis

Drunken Mantis was a major martial art. [1]

Origin Edit

Many tales were known about the origin of the art, but the most popular version was that a high-ranking monk, during a visit to the Mantis Isles, witnessed a drunk monkey. The monk watched as the sailors attempted to catch the creature without success, confounded by its random rolls and dodges. The erratic style of Drunken Mantis was alleged to have emerged from this spectacle. [1]

Style Edit

Drunken Mantis was an extremely individualized art with a basic set of standard maneuvers. Drunkenness was by no means a requirement to practice this art. It was the imitation of drunken, unpredictable movements that truly gave this style its strength. It emphasized on punching and kicking rather than the holds and throws. Movement was key, typically conducted in a staggering, almost stumbling style that befitted the name. Its practitioners delighted in their ability not only to defeat a foe, but to humiliate them in the process. [1]

Training Edit

Imbibing copious amounts of alcohol was a necessary part of the training regimen as the student learned how to relax his body and move in a random, drunken manner. [2]

  • A novice took advantage of the relaxed physical stale resembling intoxication, to duck and weave that made it difficult for an opponent to hit them.
  • An intermediate student knew clumsy-looking hinges to complement the art defensive abilities.
  • An advanced student exploited his opponent's attempts to capitalize on apparent mistakes in his technique. Generally this amounted to the practitioner laying down, apparently unconscious, then quickly springing to his feet when an attacker attempted to finish him.
  • The expert learned how to absorb impacts with drunken flexibility, absorbing hits like a rag doll and staggering back for more.
  • A true master was extremely unpredictable, his attacks and dodges etirely erratic and random.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit

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