Drum of Water 
Drum of Water
Created by: Iuchi Shugenja [1]
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Drums of Water could be found anywhere in the Empire, although the majority were within the Unicorn. Within the Iuchi Shugenja school, young initiates assisted in the creation of them until they mastered how to fashion the drums themselves. [2] [3]

Appearance Edit

Drum of Water 3

Drum of Water

A Drum of Water was a small hand drum, extremely light and easy to use. The body was painted blue and decorated with colored spirals. The skins were stretched across both ends painted with black designs. [2]

Powers Edit

When the Drum was played, allied forces could strike faster in combat. [2]

External Links Edit

Drum of Water 2

Drum of Water


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