Drinka the Soothsayer was an old Ra'Shari woman.

Appearance Edit

Drinka wore a multi-colored ankle-length skirt, a white long-sleeved blouse, and a red head-scarf. Her face was dark tanned, with gray-white hair, wearing large hoop earrings and cosmetics darkening the skin around her eyes. [1]

Forewarning Edit

Drinka was a prophet, and she sensed something of great importance about a group of samurai when her caravan was at Journey's End Keep in the late 12th century. The Rokugani let her to read their palms with her granddaughter translating Drinka's propechy. She told about a great tiger whose face was the visage of a Crane. Its kin were locked away a milennia ago by one now dead. The tiger wished to release them, ravaging the world once more. The shadow of the tiger laid upon the spirits of the samurai. [1]


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