Dreams and Follies, written in 1025, was a collection of Shadowlands stories. It was written by Bog Hags to make the struggles of the Crab Clan seem less serious than it really was. The book implied that everyone knew the Shadowlands was actually harmless, so many who read it consider themselves experts on the Shadowlands, even though the book was extremely inaccurate. This misinformation was very dangerous and the book had subtly become Pro-Shadowlands propaganda. The stories had little historical or real world reference and were often so gruesome they were more humorous than frightening. Stories included a comical goblin, an incompetent Dark Moto, an evil baku, and a controversial tale of the corruption of Hida Atarasi, the first Crab Clan Thunder. It was popular with the courts and was especially popular with the last three Hantei Emperors. [1]


  1. Way of the Shadowlands, pp. 27-28

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