The Dragonlands was a specific portion of the Heavens [1] inhabited by the true dragons, and existed only in their eyes. They were much like the Empire, save that they were perfect in every way. All was in balance, as the dragons would have it. [2]

Location Edit

It was located in Tengoku [3] and distinctly apart from it. As Tengoku it also featured a "hole in the sky" through which the dragons could watch the Realm of Mortals. The Dragonland could be described as a bridge of sorts, where the Dragons might cross between Tengoku and Ningen-do without causing harm to the borders between the two Spirit Realms. There exists a strong connection between the provinces of the Dragon Clan and the Dragonlands. So much so that the throne room inside the High House of Light exists simultaneously in both realms. [4]

Resembling the Empire Edit

There was a King of All Dragons, and all dragons were his subjects and bowed to his whim. A Dragon Court existed, and there had been instances of humans being taken to or finding their way to it. [5]

Stories Edit

There were many places where the Dragonlands and Rokugan seemed to intersect, and many stories told how humans passed to the other side. There was no clue if any of them were true. Many of this stories were recorded by Isawa Gojundo in his book The Dragonlands. [5]

Hantei Edit

It was in the Dragonlands where the Kami Hantei hid from his vengeful and jealous father, Onnotangu, and trained for the day when he confronted Lord Moon and saved his siblings. [6]

Inhabitants Edit

While the primary residents were the Elemental Dragons, it was also the home of the Dragon of Thunder and the Jade Dragon. The Celestial Dragon was welcomed, but it rarely left its guardianship of Tengoku, except when all of the Dragons gathered to confer about some great event that touched all of the universe. The Oracles of the dragons also existed in both realms at once. [7] The mythical creatures known as the Ki-rin were also spirits from this paradise. They were either cast out or chose to live among the mortal kind. [8] The Ryu also visited such place. [6]


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