Dragon Ya were arrows treated with potent combinations of pyrotechnic chemicals and mizugusuri potions developed by the Agasha family. Once they struck against a hard surface, the chemicals activated. [1]

Transportation Edit

Dragon Ya were very fragile and should be carried with caution, as a jarring impact or extreme heat could cause them to activate. They were typically carried in thick, padded leather cases designed specifically for this purpose. [1]

Common Types Edit

  • Blue Ya - it released a cloud of blue Water kami, acausing those who breathed its vapors to fall asleep.
  • Yellow Ya - it released a cloud of noxious Air kami, causing choke and cough.
  • Red Ya - it exploded with the power of Fire kami.
  • Green Ya - it released a cloud of dust and pollen, thick with the power of elemental Earth, blinding those inside the dust. Dousing the eyes with water would remove these effects.
  • Black Ya - Tit was not magical at all, but simply released a cloud of thick black smoke laden with chemicals that made it unusually dense, causing it to linger in the air for some time. It obscured sight for a full hour.


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