Dragon Puzzle Box 
Dragon Puzzle Box
Created by: Togashi monks
First used by: Unkown
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

A Dragon Puzzle Box was a small enchanted item intended to aid others in perceiving the world differently, as first step to reach Enlightenment.

The boxes were confounding creations first invented by Togashi monks, that were copied by the Agasha family, who with their alchemical way of magic made even more frustating boxes. [1]

Twisted Puzzle Boxes created by “mad monks” such as the Kokujin “family” or the Order of the Spider granted madness and evil. [2]

The Riddle Edit

In 1159 Toturi Sezaru met the Oracle of Fire, to ask the location of the Oracle of Water. The Oracle could not answer the questions directly and gave the Wolf a Dragon Puzzle Box with the answer inside. Sezaru was unable to open it and invited every samurai at the Izaku Library to attempt to open it, the one who was successful would be rewarded by the Wolf. [3] Kaiu Ryojiro solved the puzzle this year. [4] [5]

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