Dragon Helm 
Dragon Helm
Created by: Un-named Soshi Shugenja
First used by: Scorpion Clan
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Dragon Helms were helmets rumored to allow their wearer to control dragons. [1] It was thougt one of them had been destroyed by Togashi Yokuni. [2]

Artificer of the Dragon Helms Edit

A clever Soshi shugenja discovered a means by which she could tap into the pure power of the Elemental Dragons and contain a fragment of their essence within a mortal object, much as the kami could be contained within Nemuranai.

The shugenja was destroyed by the Oracle of Fire for her temerity. Her knowledge had already been shared with her apprentices, though who worked on and completed her project. They created seven Dragon Helms, one for each of the dragons of Tengoku. The Dragon Helm of the Heavens, which corresponds to the Celestial Dragon, was a recent creation, as that dragon's existence was not a proven fact after thirty years later. [3]

Powers granted by the Helms Edit

Each Helm allowed to his wielder to see in their true form the Elemental Dragons, their Oracles, [3] or other divine servants such as the Ryu. [4]

Helms Edit

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