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Fortune Table

A Dragon Character may choose to roll on this table at a cost of 4 Character Points. (Dragon p. 51)

Fortune Table Edit

1 In your youth you luckily beat a legendary swordsman in a duel. On a good day this reputation will earn you free room and board. On a bad day it will lead to someone challenging you to a duel.
2 Innate Talent. Raise one skill of your choice by one rank.
3 You've inherited a small piece of land, which will earn you at least 10 koku a year. The previous owner did not treat the locals well however, and the peasants will revolt if mistreated again.
4 The Path of Blood. You gain a Free Raise when fighting against a specific Clan, to be chosen now. Ninja is a valid choice.
5 You believed you were an only child, but was mistaken. A long lost sibling was raised in another clan, and nobody knows which is the eldest of the two.
6 You've inherited your father's lands. They can earn between 1-10 koku a year, but your younger brother is ambitious. he is popular in court, and will attempt to claim the land for himself.
7 Heroic Deed. Gain 5-10 points of glory. (GM's discretion as to exact number and reason for the award)
8 You are a failed Ise Zumi. If you are not a member of the Togashi family, you may purchase tattoos for 8 Character points each. You must spend a Void Point to activate any of these tattoos. (If you are already an Ise Zumi, re-roll this result)
9 You are the son of a daimyo. Gain 1 glory rank.
10 You are a cousin to the Imperial line. Gain 2 glory ranks, 2 koku and a Minor Ally in the Imperial Court.

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Dragon page 51

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