During the Second Day of Thunder, Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni revealed that he was Togashi himself, and that every Champion preceding him was simply a tamashii housing the soul of Togashi. This tradition ended with the death of Yokuni, but tamashii still exist today.

Known Champions of the Dragon Clan Edit

Togashi (c. 5) - 101
Togashi Furukusai 101 - ?
Togashi Kuzejiro (c. 3rd century)
Togashi Hikaru (c. 370 - 445)
Togashi Imura (c. 445)
Togashi Hiwata (c. 527)
Togashi Masahito (c. 540)
Togashi Orikan (c. 595)
Togashi Toshimasa (c. 661)
Togashi Ayoko (c. 711)
Togashi Shotaro (c. 715 - 750)
Togashi Nariako  ? - ?
Togashi Yokuni  ? - 1128
Hitomi 1128 - 1132
Togashi Hoshi 1132 - 1159
Togashi Satsu 1159 - 1170
Mirumoto Kei 1170 - ?
Mirumoto Mareshi  ? - ?
Mirumoto Shikei  ? - 1200

Unknown Dates Edit

The following were Champions of the Dragon Clan, but the dates of their reigns are not recorded:

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