Dragon-Scorpion Alliance stood for decades, and it could be considered the long-standing alliance in the Emerald Empire.

Precedents Edit

While the Dragon Clan remained as one of the Great Clans, the Scorpion had been lost the title during the Hidden Emperor Timeline. In 1132, after the return of the missing Emperor, Toturi I held a contest, the Gift of the Emperor. The winner of the contest would win a boon from the Emperor, and all clans were invited to attend, each sending one candidate. [1]

Dragon Patronage Edit

The winner of the contest, a ronin candidate entered by the Dragon Clan, was revealed to be Bayushi Aramoro in disguise. Aramoro immediately requested control of the lands formerly occupied by the Scorpion Clan. Toturi signed an Imperial Edict, but Ryoko Owari was out of the agreement and would remain a Unicorn stronghold. [1] [2] As winner Aramoro was also gifted with the Sword of the Sun [3] which was passed to the Dragon Clan as a sign of their mutual respect [4] [5]

Alliance Edit

It was the beginning of the Dragon-Scorpion Alliance [6] and the Dragon Clan became the most trusted ally of the Scorpion Clan for generations, which after fourty years still held its full power. [7] Togashi Hoshi was a half-Scorpion, and both clans sought for secrers and ferreted out hidden threats to the Empire. [8] His son Togashi Satsu eventually married Togashi Misuko, a distant cousin of the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Yojiro to cement the alliance. [9]

Alliance risked Edit

During the the Jade Championship in 1169 the prophet Kitsune Narako foresaw the Scorpion betrayal of this Alliance:

"The green mask shall lie to an Empire, and twist those who stand against him into weapons. The monks of gold shall stand by his side, unaware of his true nature, until his poison will drive them to disaster and disgrace." [10]

Framing the Dragon Edit

In 1170 the leader candidate in the Race for the Throne, the Otomo Daimyo Otomo Hoketuhime was found murdered in her chambers in the Imperial Palace. The Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen sent words that he would conduct the investigation upon his arrival. A spoon had been found alongside her, leading the suspects on the Dragon Clan, [11] the same spoon the Scorpion had stolen in last winter court to Togashi Kanaye. [12] The gaijin item had been planted there, [citation needed] harming the Dragon possibilities in the Race. [11]

Despite the plot the Alliance remained valid. [7]


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