Dragon-Lion War
Location: Dragon-Lion border
Date: 662
Major Forces: Dragon,
Generals: Mirumoto Umeka,
Akodo Masaumi,
Shiba Moriaki
Battles of Rokugan

The Dragon-Lion War was a conflict provoked by the Great Famine and the migration of Dragon refugees.

Famine Edit

Since 660 the weather was abnormally bad. The crops were lost and the Emperor Hantei XX increased the taxes over the Crab and Dragon Clan. The next year heavy rains ruined the lowlands which were flooded, and the price of the rice dangerously increased. [1]

Dragon Refugees Edit

In 662 the flow of Dragon refugees who fled their mountains concerned the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Masahisa. His son Akodo Masaumi had a disgusting audience with the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Toshimasa and the war broke. [2]

Dragon-Lion Border Edit

Masaumi crossed the Drowned Merchant River and confronted the Mirumoto Army led by the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Umeka, but the battle was undecisive. The Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Moriaki sent the Shiba House Guard to join the Dragon. [2]

Peace Edit

Negotiations finally ended the war. Umeka publicly apologized for failing to deal with the refugees on her own, the Lion agreed to halt further attacks on the Dragon lands. The Phoenix allowed any Dragon refugees to cross into their lands. [3]


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