Dragon-Crab War
Location: Unknown
Date: 440 - 441
Major Forces: Dragon Clan,
Crab Clan,
Lion Clan
Generals: Mirumoto Turan,
Hiruma Tatsuya,
Matsu Hitomi
Battles of Rokugan

The Dragon-Crab War began to settle trade imbalances between the Dragon Clan and the Crab Clan, who believed the Dragon had tricked them during trade.

Preambles Edit

Scorpion allies with the Crab Edit

After the fall of the Gozoku the Scorpion sought to rebuild their position in the Empire. In 438 they arranged a marriage between the daughter of the Shosuro Daimyo and the Kaiu Daimyo's heir. [1]

Lion indebted to the Dragon Edit

This year Akodo Hatsu attended winter court at Kyuden Bayushi. He committed a serious brech of etiquette which was diminished by the timely intervention of Mirumoto Turan, a neighboring provincial daimyo of the Dragon. In turn Hatsu found himself deeply indebted to Turan. [1]

Trade disagreement Edit

In 439 a trade dispute broke between the Dragon and Crab. Otomo and Miya mediation found the Dragon had over-represented the value of their goods. A subordinate of Mirumoto Turan committed seppuku to cleanse the shame, but the Crab looked for an excuse for war. [2]

War Edit

An Excuse is Found Edit

In 440 Akodo Hatsu invited Turan and Yasuki Hiroaki to a provincial winter court. An argument ensued over trade imbalances, leading to Hiroaki's ejection from the court. The Crab reacted declaring war for the slight. [3]

Calling Allies Edit

The Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Turan sought allies among the Lion Clan. Turan petitioned the Lion Clan Champion personally for the assistance of Matsu Hitomi. [4] A Lion legion led by Matsu Masaru, Hitomi's brother, and Akodo Godaigo was sent by Hatsu. Hitomi swore she would complete any task Turan set to her. [3]

Crab sue for Peace Edit

A Crab army led by Hiruma Tatsuya crossed Beiden Pass in 441, engaging the combined enemy forces. Masaru died in the fight and the command was taken by Hitomi, defeating Tatsuya. The Crab withdrew and returned back through the pass, but they were chased and eventually Tatsuya was forced to sue for peace. Hitomi returned triumphant. [3]

Aftermath Edit

The unscrupulous Dragon daimyo turned on his former allies and ordered Hitomi to conquer a Lion castle on his behalf, [3] which eventually was defended by Hitomi's lover. Hitomi refused and killed Turan, before leaving with her unit. Akodo Godaigo was tasked with her capture, and tracked Hitomi to Toshi no Omoidoso where she was killed. Godaigo refused any rewards from the Dragon and became ronin immediately afterwards. [4]

Cursed Nemuranai Edit

These events were partially driven by the Kenshin's Helm and Kitsu Uragiri, Godaigo's advisor and a concealed Maho-tsukai. [5]


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