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Dragon's Tooth 
Dragon's Tooth
Created by: Elemental Dragons
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Dragon's Tooth were created in the aftermath of the Battle of Oblivion's Gate by all the Elemental Dragons. Before they returned to Tengoku, each of them created a tooth that contained a tiny fragment of the Dragon's power. In this way, the Dragons could have some small influence upon the Mortal Realm without violating their roles in the Celestial Order. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

All nemuranai took the form of a fang from a large animal, and each of them contained a tiny kernel of the awareness, personality, and power of the Dragon that created it, and could be revealed by a shugenja communing with the kami of the Tooth. Only one of each Tooth existed at any given time. [1]

  • Air: gave information, assistance in dealing with people
  • Earth: granted stamina, physical prowess, help against the Shadowlands or Lying Darkness
  • Fire: enhanced combat, or gave factual information
  • Water: gave healing, movement, travel
  • Void: usually granted wisdom and enlightenment

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