Dragon's Claw Katana 
Dragon's Claw Katana
Created by: Dragon of Void
First used by: Agasha Ashiko
Currently in the possession of: Daidoji Kedamono's family

The Dragon's Claw Katana was crafted by the Dragon of Void from its own claw. [1] It was named both for its destiny and because of the more pronounced curve of its blades and the pair of dragon's claws that adorned the golden tsuba. [2]

Gift Edit

In 1127 during the Clan War, the Elemental Dragons withdrew from Rokugan and their Oracles went into hiding. [3] Before departing the Dragon of Void found it could not completely abandon the mortals it had come to cherish and instead left behind a nemuranai that bore a fraction of its power. [4] The pious Agasha Ashiko, an introspective woman with a latent talent for Void magic, was chosen. She passed the blade to her husband, Daidoji Kedamono, who in turn gave it to his daimyo. [1] Somehow the katana was in hands of the Grey Crane for a time. [5]

Legacy Edit

The katana wound up in the custody of the Asahina family, who studied the weapon carefully for years before returning it to Kedamono's family, where it remained. [1]

Copies Edit

Kakita Isako, a renowned bladesmith, and Asahina Yuri, a crafter of nemuranai, sought the unique weapon and after several months of careful observation, they fashioned eight copies of the original sword, two for each of the families of the Crane. Those whose actions would dishonor the Crane caused the weapons to bend and warp into useless pieces of metal. Four blades had been lost to history. [6]

Known Wielders Edit

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