A Group of Doshin

Doshin was the lowest level of law enforcement in Rokugan, being assistants to either a yoriki or a Magistrate's deputy. If there were not enough suitable samurai in the area, it was possible for a heimin to serve as a Doshin. [1]

Duties Edit

The local magistrate selected the doshin following the advice of the Headman of the village. Doshin chose their assistants, and they had authority in the village an areas nearby. [2] In truth, doshin had very little authority, except over those of the eta. They dealed with minor crimes and were supported by budoka. [3]

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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Way of the Thief, page 6, it is stated that doshin are always heimin, never samurai, as the Third Edition book allows.


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