Doro is the Rokugani word for Roads.

Imperial Roads Edit

It was forbidden for anyone to walk, ride, or pull a cart over the Emperor's roads who was not strictly permitted. It reduced the wear and maintenance costs. [1]

Rokugani Roads Edit

Akasha's Path
Amaterasu's Climb
Asahina's Path
Barefoot Walk
Beiden Road "Worthless Road"
Beiden Roka Doro "Beiden Pass Road"
Black Crane Way
Broken Raven Path
Castle Home Road
Champion's Walk
Cliff's Shadow Road
Climb of the Moon
Crossing Plains Way
Daimyo Road
Defender's Path
Demo Koshin na Itami "March of Pain"
Domo na Doro "Fierce Road"
Doro Ichido Kakusu "Road Once Hidden"
Doro no Judai na Joka Suru "Road of Fatal Purification"
Doro no Kicho Kage "Road of the Precious Shadow"
Doro no Mijikai Kairaku "Road of Brief Pleasure"
Doro no Oriru Narui "Road of Descending Evil"
Doro no Shikkari Kibe "Road of Fast Hopes"
Doro no Tasana Kibe "Road of Fertile Hopes"
Doro no Uso no Itsuwari "Road of False Deceit"
Doro no Yuki
Doro sano Daiichi no Kotei "Road of the First Emperor"
Doro sano Kin Kaigan "Road of the Golden Coast"
Doro sano Waru Chikai "Road of the Shattered Vow"
Dragon Road "Celestial Road"
Dragon Way
Drowned Merchant Road
Ebisu's Way
Eight Worlds Sorrow Path
Emperor's Road
Esade's Walk
The Falcon's Flight
Fifth Daughter Road
Forest Edge Road
Forgotten Way
Guarded Stance Way
Hasu oyobi Kikyo Doro "Lotus and Balloon Flower Road"
Heart's Fire Road "Dead End Road"
The Hidden Path
The Hired Hand's Way
Honored Guest Road
Hotei's Path
Hoturi's Hope "Five Swords Road"
Humbled General's March
Isawa's Blade
The Journey
Kagaku Path
Kanashimi no Komochi "Exile's Road", "Sorrow's Path", "Trail of Woe", "Dishonor's Path", "Scorpion Road", "Road of Redemption"
Kaoritaka Kinu Doro "Fragrant Silk Road"
Kiken na Roka Doro "Treacherous Pass Road"
Kitsuki's Dance
Koku Road
Koten Path
Kunshu Kido "Lord's Path"
Little Dragon Road
Lonesome Path
Long Samurai's Walk
Magistrate's Road
Merchant's Ease Road
Michi no Taenai "Way of Perpetual Shade"
Michi sano Dashita Ran "Way of the Bloody Orchid"
Michi sano Genso "Way of the Elements"
Michi sano Hikari Senshi "Way of the Radiant Warrior"
Michi sano Kasuka na Eiko "Way of the Faint Echo of Glory"
Michi sano Tozen no Fukuchu "Way of Righteous Vengeance"
Momoji Doro "Maple Leaf Road"
Mother Shoan's Way
Mountain Road
Mountain's Path
No Horse Road
No Road
The Northern Way
One Leg Road
The Path of Blood
The Path of Changing Hands
Path of Cold Winds
The Path of Elements
Path of No Man
The Path of Secrets
The Path of Thunder
The Path of Thunder at Kyuden Gotei
Peaceful Traveler Way
Prosperous Peace Road
Refugee Path
Retsu no Gyoshonin "Peddler's Row", "Kaiu Road"
The Road of Concordant Peace
Road of Fierceness
Road of Jade "Road of Dark Jade"
The Road of Lion Tears
Road of Seven Bridges
Road of the Fortune's Smile
Road of the Most High
Road of Treachery's Soul
The Route of Perfect Contentment
Sea King's Road
Seppun's Path
The Serpent's Road
Seven Bridges Road
Shinsei na Hito Doro "Fresh Soul Road"
Shinsei's Road
Shojo no Garaso Doro "Maiden of Glass Road"
Silk Pass "Son of Beiden"
Skipping Stone Road
Snow's Bloom Road
Son's Last Walk
Soul's Edge Road
The Steel Path
The Stone Road
Stone's Shadow Road
Southern Wind
Summer's Kiss Road
Sunrise Path
Tachibana Road
Taiyo no Enko Kido "Sun's Arc Way"
Tengu Yasumi Doro "Mountain Goblin's Rest Road"
Thunderer's Road
Toshinori no Hebi Toge "Wise Snake Pass Road"
Tozoku Doro "Bandit Road"
Trail of Sorrow
Travelers' Path "Travelers' Road", "Path to Jigoku"
Treacherous Road
Trembling Earth Road
True Virtue Way
Wasted Path
Watchman's Road
The Way of Forgotten Tears
The Way of Lord Sun
The Way of Silk
White Shore Way
Wind's Path
Yamasura Road
Yoiun Doro sano Buru no Ayame "Lucky Road of the Blue Iris"
Yokuni's Path
Yosu Kido "The Way of Night"

Roads in the Colonies Edit

The Ki-Rin's Path

Gaijin Roads Edit

Jeweled Path

See Also Edit


  1. GM's Survival Guide, p. 12

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