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A Doomseeker

The Doomseeker was the title of those who battled the Khadi in the Burning Sands. [1]

Origin Edit

The Doomseekers had originated within the Senpet Empire as a response to the emergence there of the khadi, taking as its purpose and motto to “bring death to the deathless,”.

Doomseekers in Rokugan Edit

In Rokugan they were a member of the Iuchi family in the Unicorn Clan, being a powerful practitioner of Meishodo, the name magic, tasked with the destruction of undead or immortal enemies. [2] They wore a trademark mask. [3] The technique was extraordinarily rare and was only taught person-to-person; there had never been more than one Rokugani Doomseeker in the same generation. [4]

Nature Edit

The rakshasa Adisabah had described the nature of the Doomseeker as follows: “The words of meishodo bear great power, but also extract a price. The cosmos exists the way it does for a purpose - those who twist the words to defy that purpose anger the cosmos. The words have a life of their own - they find those who have failed, but are repentant. They charge them to put things right. They charge them to destroy that which cannot be destroyed - that which has sought life beyond death by twisting the power of the words. That is the power of the Doomseeker." [2]

Yajinden and Yori Edit

More recently, it had been revealed that the tradition of the Doomseeker was started by Yajinden, as a long-term, indirect plan to destroy his master Iuchiban, within the bounds of his enslavement. He passed the information to the tainted Kuni Daimyo Kuni Yori. [1] It was unknown at this time if the tradition of the Doomseker would continue beyond Katamari, considering that Iuchiban had been destroyed.

Known Doomseekers Edit

Known Technique Edit


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