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The Kyuden Hitomi Dojo in the High House of Light taught the ways of the Tattooed Monks, the Ise Zumi, the Kikage Zumi, and the Tsurai Zumi. [1]

Togashi family Edit

The Order of Togashi were known for being amiable, if occasionally incomprehensible traveling philosophers. They were helpful and courteous, so they won others over with their bravery, courtesy, and good humor. The ise zumi possessed a keenly focused will, allowing them to draw upon vast reserves of inner strength[2]

Hoshi family Edit

The Order of Hoshi were peaceful, meditative, and diplomatic. They were adept at sensing the problems of others, though they could sometimes be too cautious and submissive in confrontations. Tsurai zumi were calm, focused, and unflappable in a crisis. [2]

Hitomi family Edit

The Order of Hitomi were fearsome, brutal warriors who radiated violence and were menacing. Kikage zumi were tough and powerful, able to use their great strength to its best advantage. [2]


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