Razor's Edge Dojo

Razor's Edge Dojo

The Dojo of the Razor's Edge was relatively new, having been founded in the 12th century by the "Dead Eyes" Berserkers led by Hiruma Yugure. The dojo was established after the fall of Hida Amoro, and the Berserkers, feeling shamed by Amoro's actions and his death, moved their dojo far from civilized -- even civilized by Crab standards -- lands. The students spent their time learning to master and channel their rage. [1]

History Edit

After the death and corruption of Hida Amoro, the Berserkers felt their style had been shamed. Because of this, they decided to establish their dojo in the shadow of Razor of the Dawn Castle, far from the castles of the families of the Crab Clan but still close to the Shadowlands. The school was a rather small, somewhat ramshackle one-story building. Since the creation of the school, its students had killed an impressive number of the Shadowlands' denizens, but they still had not managed to redeem their image. Instead, the existnece of a school for Berserkers had actually caused Rokugani to be even more wary of the students. [1]

Traditions Edit

In its short existence, the dojo had created only one tradition: its zero-tolerance policy towards any Taint. Any past or present students that contract the Taint are hunted down ruthlessly. [2] They taught the Hida Bushi, Hida Defender, Kaiu Engineer, Hida Avenger, [3] Hida Berserker, the Damned Berserker, Champion's Guard, Dead-Eyes Berserker, and Hida Elite Guard schools. [4]

Training Edit

The training in the dojo was loosely organized, but mostly consisted of tapping into the deepest parts of inner rage. Building stamina was also emphasised, usually by exposure to harsh conditions or repeated pain. The rage the students build up was harvested with a series of kiai shouts, and it was said that the combined shout of all the students would strike fear into the heart of Jigoku itself. [2]

Sensei Edit

The sensei at the dojo was simply its oldest living student. Sensei rarely held the position for long, as they rarely held the position more than three years before being killed. Because of the short life expectancy of the dojo's sensei, they had few formal duties.

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

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