The Dojo of the Perfect Word was built near Kyuden Tonbo by the Kitsuki family to become the center of courtly training in the Kitsuki provinces. [1]

Founding Edit

In the first decade of the 12th century the dojo was built on the border between Dragon and Dragonfly lands as a gesture of brotherhood between the two Clans. [2] It was a series of nondescript buildings in the middle of the city. Merchant houses, tea houses and various other businesses surrounded the place. [3]

Training Edit

It was the only school were the Kitsuki Courtier were trained, and most magistrates in the Dragon Clan would have spent at least a few summers learning the arts of negotiation. The dojo taught the art of Ichi-Miru, [2] and other courtly activities as Kemari or go. [3]

Notable Sensei Edit


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