The Dojo of the Left, also known as the Dojo of the East, was built within Duzaki Toshi as the primary training camp for the Junghar. Located in the Ide provinces, was well insulated from potential invasions from the other Great Clans or the Shadowlands. The dojo was open in its acceptance of students and each major Unicorn bushi school were present, [1] as Junghar Defender, Master Horse Archer, Moto Bushi, Shinjo Bushi, Shinjo Elite Guard, Shinjo Scout, [2] Shinomen Guard, and Khol Raider. [3]

Tradition Edit

Almost any promising Unicorn samurai could be accepted at the dojo. [4] One-third of Junghar forces were typically there to receive updated training and to allow new samurai to join their ranks. [5]

Sensei Edit

The sensei of the school were masters of the defensive maneuvers which had become the trademark of the Junghar. [6]


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