The Dojo of the First Glance was built at Shiro Kitsuki as Agasha Kitsuki's order shortly after he became Daimyo of his newly formed Kitsuki family. It taught the Kitsuki Justicar school. [1]

Training Edit

Students were constantly challenged by their instructors and by other students to feats of concentration, memorization and willpower. They wer epersonally trained by the Master Sensei and the Master of Justice, the highest ranking member of their kind. The dojo was one of two places in the Empire that the art of Ichi-Miru was taught and continually refined. [2]

Tradition Edit

Most students had been local magistrates for a few seasons and came to the dojo to gain the training necessary to be sent out in the name of justice. "The Naming" was the final test for students at the dojo. [1]

Known Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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