The Dojo of the Closed Eye, also known as the Wielder of Veils Academy, [1] was the main dojo of the Soshi family, the training ground of the Soshi Shugenja [2] Yogo Shugenja and Soshi Illusionist schools. [3] It was located in the An'ei province. [4]

History Edit

The past of the Soshi school was shrouded in darkness. The original Soshi was a walking deception (it was said that he was nothing more than an alias Shosuro adopted after faking her own death). Though the Scorpion were not highly religious, the Soshi were an exception to the rule. As it was with the greatest of the Soshi family temples, Shiro no Soshi, the Dojo of the Closed Eye was well hidden within the Spine of the World Mountains. During the two exiles the Scorpion suffered, Shiro no Soshi was spared the wrath of the Imperial Legions, but the Dojo of the Closed Eye was found and destroyed [2] in 1124. [4]

Since then the school was rebuilt, larger than before, and stood as a silent testament to the Scorpion's ability to thrive through adversity. The dojo stood in the shadow of Shiro no Soshi which served to protect it from the Empire, and also to protect the Empire from the school. [2]

Tradition Edit

The Soshi family was hesitant to admit those from outside their family. Other Scorpion occasionally gained admittance into the Dojo of the Closed Eye, but were never truly accepted as one of the family. Students of this dojo honored their school by removing the eyes from the Soshi mon. [2]

Training Edit

Secretive in the extreme, the Dojo of the Closed Eye trained its students to guard themselves well. Soshi sensei were notoriously cruel and intolerant taskmasters who saw it as their duty to weed out the weak. Shugenja were organized into classes, among which the sensei encouraged fierce competition. Those who maintained a respectful deference to their superiors and yet managed to excel beyond and above their classmates were carefully noted.

During their training, the Soshi shugenja learned the arts of poison and subterfuge along with the more traditional, refined arts of the shugenja. Like any Scorpion, the Soshi were expected to be able to hold their own in the courts of the Empire, and be fully prepared to participate in the endless Scrpion intrigues. This was another reason the Soshi encouraged competition amoung their students. [2]

Sensei Edit

The masters of the Dojo of the Closed Eye were expected to impart two lessons to their students: how to use their abilities for the clan, and the price of failure. More than any other schools, Soshi students tended to mix their respect for their masters with a generous amount of fear. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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