The Dojo of the Center was the primary dojo of the Khol. [1] They taught the Khol Raider, Moto Bushi, Shinjo Bushi, Shinjo Elite Guard [2] Utaku Battle Maiden, White Guard, Moto Acrobat, and Moto Death Priest schools. [3]

Tradition Edit

Located at Shiro Moto, it was open to attendance from all Unicorn bushi, although it mainly took Moto and Shinjo bushi, and neglected scouts and magistrates. Training was strict and focused highly on offense. Besides cavalry, students were trained in all Rokugani weapons and several gaijin weapons. [1]

Training Edit

The Dojo focused on horse-riding techniques and mounted combat. It also offered training in the use of both standard Rokugani arms and a remarkable array of gaijin weapons. Some of their finest students were selected to defend the home of the Khan. These graduates, policing Shiro Moto, made it one of the safest places in the Unicorn provinces. [4]

Sensei Edit

It was the biggest and most martial dojo of the Unicorn Clan. Their sensei, who used to be active members of the Khol, taught cooperation among the different units of the army. [3]

Known Sensei Edit


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