Doji Yoshitada

Doji Yoshitada

Doji Yoshitada was a bushi and duelist magistrate of the Crane Clan.

Colonies Edit

Yoshitada was fond of Miya Masatsuko, a vibrantly beautiful woman approaching middle-age. In 1198 they met in the Colonies, where a Herald outpost was being built with the support of the Crane. He sought Masatsuko's approval to lower the rates of any Miya within Twin Forks City. [1]

Exploring the Colonies Edit

Yoshitada defending Kalen's Sacrifice

Yoshitada defending Kalen's Sacrifice

In 1198 Doji Kazuo built an Imperial Explorer Dojo [1] in the area which would be known as Kalen's Sacrifice. [2] Yoshitada defended the area for the Crane against any who claimed it. [3]

Siege of the Second City Edit

During the Siege of the Second City, Yoshitada, Kakita Isao, Doji Moro, Daidoji Ishida and Akodo Toshigure were part of the clan delegates who betrayed the city's governor. They moved to the north wall of the Imperial District and requested the Second City Guardsmen to surrender the city's gate. Arrows fired by the defenders were turned aside by Isawa Shunsuko's magic. Shortly after the gate disappeared under the volley of thunder and fire sent by the siege weapons known as Renyu's Wrath. [4]

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