Doji Tsumetsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Doji Ukidanu

Doji Tsumetsu was the local Crane hatamoto at Ryoko Owari Toshi in the early 12th century. He was servant of a rather powerful Crane daimyo on the Scorpion border. [1]

Family Edit

Tsumetsu was son of Doji Ukidanu. [2]

Bon Festival Edit

Shop attacked Edit

During the Bon Festival Unicorn warehouses in the Merchant Quarter was attacked, and all their festival trade stock was destroyed. Tsumetsu was forced to visit the place, despite it was a task more suited for his magistrate, Doji Oruku. [2]

Chizaro no Oni Edit

Chizaro no Oni inside Tsumetsu's chamber

Chizaro no Oni inside Tsumetsu's chamber

While Tsumetsu was out of his household a Chizaro no Oni attacked it. The oni had previously attacked a city building, killing several Crane, as Daidoji Anitano, or Doji Usiina. Inside Tsumetsu's states he was seeking something inside his own chambers. A group of samurai and his servant Oruku took care of the matter, but a blade had been stolen. [3]

Blade of Secrets Edit

After the oni was killed his servant Oruku returned to him the cursed Blade of Secrets, [4] which had been found time ago in the shadowlands by another of his servant, the late Anitano. [5]


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