Doji Tsugiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 508

Doji Tsugiko was the bride of Hantei Jama, the brother of the Emperor Hantei XI. Jama would later be known as Iuchiban, the greatest villain Rokugan ever known.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Tsugiko was a clever girl, but she was neither pretty or charming. [1]

Otomo Jama Edit

Hantei Jama took the name Otomo Jama after he abdicated his claim to the Imperial Throne during his gempukku. Tsugiko saw Jama assassinating Matsu Arashige, the best friend of Hantei XI when young, and Jama's friend only during the time the heir was ill and Jama was seen as the future Emperor. Tsugiko wanted to believe the excuses Jama said, and the corpse was taken care by Asahina Yajinden and Suru, friends of Jama and Tsugiko. [1]

March to the Burning Sands Edit

When Otomo Jama went to the Burning Sands in a diplomatic mission promoted by himself, Tsugiko accompanied him. The journey was a totally disaster, and only four survived the travel through the Ujik-hai desert. Jama, Suru, Yajinden, and Tsugiko, were found by Adisabah, a Rakshasa demon who gave them shelter. [2]

Death Edit

Adisabah imprisoned the four, in a prison designed that if Jama were to escape, he would die and the others would be free. Should another escape, they would live and their companions would die. Should any attack another, all would die. During their imprisonment Adisabah taught Jama much of gaijin magic. Afterwards, Jama ordered Tsugiko to kill herself, which she did willingly, and free Jama, Suru and Yajinden. [3]


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