Doji Tobuzu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Doji Shogo,
Un-named daughter

Doji Tobuzu was a great courtier of the Crane Clan, renowned in the Imperial Court for his skill as a speaker and deal maker. [1]

Family Edit

Tobuzu had a son, Doji Shogo, and a daughter. He wished shogo would become a great duelist and bargained for his child to attend the Kakita Dueling Academy. [1]

Betrothal arrangement Edit

In addition, his son would marry a Seppun, but in return Tobuzu was forced to offer two Doji brides to the Scorpion courtier who spoke on the Emperor's behalf. One was his own daughter, who eventually would marry Bayushi Akeu, and Shogo's first-born daughter. [1]

Shogo's bride Edit

When his son was prepared for his gempukku, in 1109, Tobuzu gifted him a Kakita Blade and the news that his bride would be Seppun Masekari. The wedding was arranged to happen after her gempukku, three years later, but Masekari's gempukku was being put off two years, and finally married in 1114. [2]


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