Doji Teinko 
Doji Teinko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kakita Toshimo 
Siblings: Kakita Toshimoko,
Kakita Yoshi 
Spouse: Doji Satsume 
Children: Doji Hoturi,
Doji Kuwanan,
Doji Shizue (adopted)

Doji Teinko was married to the Emerald Champion Doji Satsume and bore him two sons, Doji Hoturi and Doji Kuwanan. She was also the sister of Kakita Yoshi and Kakita Toshimoko.

Doji Shizue Edit

Teinko had always wanted a daughter, and when Satsume's brother, Doji Ichihara, died and his wife died giving birth to a girl, Teinko begged her husband to adopt the girl. Satsume paid little attention to Doji Shizue because of her crippled leg, but Teinko doted upon her as much as her two sons. She taught her many skills of the Kakita Artisans, but most successfully the art of storytelling. [1]

Death Edit

Teinko killed herself [2] by throwing herself off the cliff near Kyuden Doji, causing a rift between Hoturi and Satsume that would never heal. [3]

After Death Edit

In 1166 the soul of Teinko passed from Meido, the Realm of Eternal Waiting, to the green fields of Yomi, where she would find her son. Teinko did not know that Satsume had sacrified himself bargaining with the Fortune of Death, Emma-O, exchanging Teinko's fate with his own. [3]


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