Doji Takeji 
Doji Takeji 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Unknown

Doji Takeji was a minor courtier in Toshi Ranbo.

Appearance Edit

Takeji was a lean fair-haired man with the elegant features typical of the Doji. [1]

Shadowed Tower Edit

Takeji had a few uncomfortable addictions, and while under the influence of them he had a romantic affair with who later was shown as a Shadowed Tower agent. His wife was a higher ranking member of the Doji house, so if the truth ever got out she would have disowned him. Takeji was blackmailed and he was forced to smuggle resources and information, until the Tower was destroyed by the Scorpion Clan. [2]

Responsibilities Edit

He worked under the supervision of Kakita Munemori concerning trade negotiations between the Crane and Unicorn. He was also involved in trade with several Yobanjin tribes and gaijin of the Ivory Kingdoms. [1]

Gozoku Edit

Takeji was recruited into the Gozoku by Kakita Munemori due to his ambition and wish to improve his standing to his wife. His function was to sort through and file intelligence gathered by the group. Unfortunately, whilst working with blackmail material collected for the conspiracy. [2]

Offering an alliance to the Unicorn Edit

In 1165 Takeji was at Shiro Moto and approached Moto Hanzhi. He showed her the wide knowledge of all alliances the Unicorn had in the War of the Rich Frog, from the known one with the Scorpion Clan, or the secret offer of a Crab legion made by Hida Kuon. They were interrupted by Shosuro Omezo, Scorpion ambassador at the Khan's court, who spoke rude words of Munemori. Hanzhi warned and dismished Omezo. Takeji then offered a stranged alliance Crane-Unicorn. What Takeji did not know was that Omezo and Hanzhi had worked together to get his confidence in Hanzhi. [1]

Shadowed Tower again Edit

In 1166 Takeji stumbled upon his own file, compiled by the Shadowed Tower, of his illicit affair with a Scorpion geisha and his addiction to narcotics. Realising that the power base of the Gozoku was built upon the ruins of the Shadowed Tower, he took this information to Munemori and Kaneka. He was sent to Toshi Ranbo and kept safe in a house guarded by the Shogun's people. Shiba Danjuro and Heigai pressed him to told who was the leader of both conspiracies, but he dared to do so. Doji Yasuyo, Kanekas wife-to-be, irrumped in the house to free Takeji, but was knocked down by Heigai. Yasuyo had been told by Kakita Kyruko that Takeji had been kidnapped by Kaneka, and her intentions doing so were not clear. Kaneka completely informed Yasuyo abaout the affair and the Doji remained silent. [2]

Fall of Doji Akiko Edit

It was Takeji's testimony that was presented by Ikoma Masote to the Emperor causing the death of Doji Akiko and Doji Kurohito. [3]

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