Doji Taehime 
Born: 680 
Died: 745 
Titles: Ambassador to the Scorpion Clan

Doji Taehime was an ambassador to the Scorpion Clan Court during the 8th century.

Station Edit

Taehime was a beautiful girl with a keen mind who learned to manipulate those around her. After her gempukku, she was sent to Kyuden Bayushi as part of the ambassador's retinue. Taehime quickly managed to uncover many of the Scorpion plots, saving face for all concerned by making her Scorpion hosts aware when they were “mistaken.” Within a few years she was appointed as the senior Crane ambassador at Kyuden Bayushi. When she uncovered a conspiracy within the Scorpion court that would have proved a great embarrassment to the Scorpion, Taehime reported it privately to the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Riozu, allowing him to deal with it covertly. [1]

Investigator Edit

Her skill at discovering lies and plots were unparalelled, and the Scorpion sometimes called her the "Poison Crane". When she was offered positions in the Imperial Court she declined them saying she served the Emperor far better where she was. It was rumored that she held many of Bayushi Riozu's most cherished secrets, and some even thought the two were lovers. [2]

Death Edit

When Taehime died of old age in 745 all her posessions were sealed in an iron box and buried beneath the walls of Kyuden Kakita. Her will said; "Let all my knowledge go to my family, but let no man betray my trust to the lord who has been my host for so many years.". No one ever knew the secrets she had uncovered, and she kept her faith with both the Crane and the Scorpion. The exact date of her death was recorded differently in three different texts, and hundreds of years have been spent by scolars trying to determine the exact day of her death. With no success her memory has been instead celebrated on the fifth day of the month of the Rooster or the first day of the month of the Monkey. [3]

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