Doji Shumiko was a courtier-ko of the Crane Clan.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Shumiko was a quick and clever young woman, demure and unobtrusive, impeccable in her appearance and manners. Almost an archetypical Doji Courtier courtier, she was charming, graceful, and precise. [1]

Colonies Edit

In the Second City Shumiko secured a post as Karo to Otomo Akio, who was in turn karo to the Chancellor of the Left. Elevating the young Shumiko to this position was Doji Chonitsu's idea, an influential courtier with many political connections. Shumiko believed he was infatuated with her and was attempting to become her suitor. She was flattered by the attention and found the man extremely charming. Shumiko was not aware that Chonitsu was an immortal Rakshasa, Raniyah the Sly. The creature was manipulating her, charming her to subtly reveal what it wanted to know about Otomo Akio. [2]

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