Doji Shogo 
Born: 1094 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Doji Tobuzu 
Spouse: Seppun Masekari 
Children: Doji Ogoru,
Un-named daughter

Doji Shogo was a duelist of the Crane Clan.

Appearance Edit

Shogo was a very handsome man who did not wear the typical samurai top-knot, with rough features and an uneven smile. His eyes were stunning blue-grey, and his hair black, save one streak of grey. [1]

Childhood Edit

Shogo was son of the great courtier Doji Tobuzu. His father drove him to become a skilled duelist, and bargained for his child to attend the Kakita Dueling Academy. [2]

Betrothed Edit

Tobuzu earned his son a Seppun bride, but in return he was forced to offer Shogo's first-born daughter to the Scorpion courtier who spoke on the Emperor's behalf, as well as the hand of Tobuzu's sister. [3]

Married Edit

By the age of 15, Shogo was prepared for his gempukku. His father gifted him a Kakita Blade, the news that his younger bride would be Seppun Masekari, and that the wedding was expected after her gempukku, in three years from this day. Unexpectedly Masekari's gempukku was being put off, which brought much shame to the Seppun family. When they married, Shogo found pleasure in the beauty and charm of Masekeri and she in him. [4]

Children Edit

In two years his wife gave him a son, Doji Ogoru, and four years later a daughter, who was destined to marry the Scorpion, by his father's bargain. The children were cared by Hojiki, Masekari's servant. [3]

Blackmailed Edit

By the time of his daughter's birth Shogo attended the marriage of his sister with a Scorpion Courtier, Bayushi Akeu. During the celebration he drank too much plum brandy, and ended the day in the bed with a seductive and alluring Scorpion woman. The next day Akeu told Shogo the woman he had passed the night was his sister, and realized Akeu would blackmail him in the future. [5]

Trapped by the Shadowlands Edit

Eventually two years after the incident Akeu invited Shogo to explain the final favor that Akeu required. Shogo traveled with Bayushi Tanitsu to a small village in the Crab lands, Gyugurin. Since his departure, no news of his whereabouts had reached Otosan Uchi. Shogo attached himself to a Crab keep garrison on the northern edge of the Shadowlands. In 1123 the keep was attacked by ogres and goblins, slowly starving the samurai inside. [5]

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