Doji Shikana

Doji Shikana

Doji Shikana was a bushi of the Crane Clan.

Appearance Edit

She looked as delicate as a plum blossom and as flashy as the year's fashionable kimono. But she was a fierce warrior, able to carve up three bandits at a time.[1]

Scorpion skirmish Edit

In 1171 Shikana had the command of a patrol in the Scorpion-Crane border. They confronted a Scorpion group within Crane territory. They told a companion had been murdered there, although Shikana's assistant, Tensan, talked about deception, which raised to accusations of spreading the plague. The blades were unsheathed and they began an skirmish, [2] near Daikon Mura, [3] of unknown result.

Plague War Edit

In 1172 Shikana attended the survivors of the Fall of Shiro Kuni, who had retreated to the Crane lands to take a break in the Destroyer War. News arrived about a Plague Zombie mob threatening the Crane supply route. The Crane marched to confron them, alongside Crab, Unicorn and Phoenix warriors. [4]

Scorpion lands Edit

A group of Destroyers broke away the main army and entered Scorpion territory. Bayushi Kosaku prepared a trap to destroy the foe, aided by Crab and Crane forces led by Hida Demopen and Shikana. Dragon's Teeths were built underneath the surface of the flooded rice paddies, and the land was laced with oil to be burned with the enemy inside. Crab and Scorpion men would sacrifice to goad the gaijin demons into the trap. [5]

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