Doji Satori was an Emerald Magistrate of the Crane Clan. In 1165 he was appointed as a chief magistrate at Ryoko Owari Toshi, the City of Lies. He quickly realized the appointment was not the prestigious station Satori first believed. [1] His spirit had not yet been broken, but the discouragement he felt was clear to anyone who spent a few minutes in his presence. [2]

Fighting the Cartels Edit

Satori vowed to eliminate the cartels that dominated much of Ryoko Owari. Although the idealistic Crane rapidly learned how difficult this task would be, he had the Unicorn Clan magistrates' support, as well as, that of a handful of Scorpion magistrates. [3]

Investigation Edit

Satori worked with Kitsuki Chizaru and Shinjo Turong. In the third week after her arrival they investigated the murder of Asako Yaro, chief adjunct to the Phoenix Clan ambassador. Disguised, Yaro had arrived to a seedy tea house to feed his opium vice. There he had been killed, his throat cut from behind. Surprisingly it was found evidence of poison in his body, so two different parties had sought Yaro's demise. [4]


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