Doji Ryobu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Un-named daughter,
un-named son 
Titles: Emerald Champion,
Crane Clan Champion

Doji Ryobu was the Crane Clan Champion [1] and Emerald Champion. [2] during the 9th century.

Emerald Champion Edit

In 811 Ryobu, the Crane Clan Champion, unexpectedly won the tournament of the Emerald Champion. Emperor Hantei XXII announced his son would marry Ryobu's sister, allowing the Crane maintain a strong position in a political climate dominated by the Scorpion and Lion. [3]

Return of the Ki-Rin Edit

In 815 a force of tainted barbarians had invaded Rokugan crossing at the northern edge of the Kaiu Wall. During the final month of the Imperial Winter Court at Otosan Uchi, appeared Shinjo Nishijin, bearing official travel papers endorsed by the Master of Air. The Unicorn Clan Champion told about the Return of the Ki-Rin, and produced the sandalwood fan. Ryobu welcomed the descendants of the Ki-Rin Clan [4] when he received the fan sent by the Unicorn Clan upon their Return. [5] In return for this recognition Shinjo Nishijin gifted Ryobu with a small herd of horses. They were from the Kami Shinjo stock, stronger, larger, and smarter than any before seen in the Empire. The strongest of them was named Junko. [6]

Preceded by:
Crane Clan Champion
(c. 811)
Succeeded by:
Doji Ryobu's son
Preceded by:
Emerald Champion
811 - ?
Succeeded by:


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