Doji Ronshouko was a courtier of the Crane Clan.

Training Edit

Ronshouku was a charming girl with a a frail constitution who was born to a family of artisans. She also suffered from albinism , which drew scorn and mockery from other children and uneasy avoidance from adults. Ronshouku displayed talent in poetry and joined the Kakita Artisan Academy for a year and a half. She left the academy once the sensei realized she was sensitive to ink, and entered the Doji Courtier school because Ronshouku had a considerable aptitude with words. [1]

Station Edit

Ronshouku grew up as a quite attractive young woman, who always carried a parasol, since her pallid skin easily sunburned. She refused to use lies, and thus eagerly embraced the training of the Doji Innocents. Ronshouku became a skilled courtier and earned an assingment at Kyuden Kurogane-Hana as her clan's official leader. She was attended by her bodyguard Doji Koreda and found there an ally in the Emerald Magistrate Daidoji Ninku[2]

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