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Doji Reju 
Doji Reju 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Month of the Hare of 1168 [1] 
Spouse: Un-named Dragon 
Children: Mirumoto Ryosaki,
Doji Hitomi [citation needed] 
Titles: Defender of the Empress

Doji Reju was a bushi and duelist of the Crane Clan, until he was called by Lady Moon Hitomi, whereupon he became a tattooed man of the Dragon Clan and took the name Hitomi Reju. He later returned to service with the Crane, becoming Doji Reju once more.

Serving the Crane Edit

Topaz Champion Edit

Doji Reju 1

Doji Reju

Reju was born into the Doji family and trained at the Kakita Dueling Academy. In 1124 he won the Topaz Championship, and Hantei XXXIX appointed him as gunso in the Imperial Legions at command of taisa Seppun Nakao. [2]

Imperial Legions Edit

Reju regreted the Emperor specifically commanded to kill any Scorpions that did not surrender after the Scorpion Coup. As his first experience in the battlefield the Legions stormed Ryoko Owari Toshi, and he even was commanded to personally burn down a school. The Crab forces of Hida Kisada appeared and destroyed the Eighteenth Legion [3] in the Month of the Dragon of 1127. [4]

Station Edit

Reju served a period as an official liaison to the Tsume vassal family. [5] A naturally gifted duelist, Reju knew exactly when and how to strike. He approaches each decision with a confidence born of foolhardiness. His rashness often frustrated his commanders. [6]

Hitomi Edit

Hitomi Reju

Hitomi Reju

After the Clan War Reju entered the service of Hitomi, [7] when she tattooed him with her own obsidian-corrupted blood. The Crane went mad and swore fealty to her [8] taking the name Hitomi Reju. Reju had two tattoos from his time with the Dragon. On his chest he had a Full moon tattoo, and on his back he had a Crane tattoo. The tattoos made his eyes glow a soft amber color. [9] Lady Moon's Favor had been bestowed upon him. [10]

Oblivion's Gate Edit

After Hitomi became Lady Moon Reju fought in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate during the War of Spirits, [11] and stood beside the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Kuwanan, defending him from all who would dare attack the champion of the Crane. [12] He had returned to the Crane and was stationed as Seppun Toshiken's Yojimbo. [13]

Back to the Crane Edit

Reju had never left the Crane, still serving Doji Kuwanan without any dishonor to all parties concerned. Upon the ascension of Hitomi, Reju returned to the Crane Clan and eventually earned his right to bear the Doji name once more. [5] Reju returned with his Dragon wife and his daughter Mirumoto Ryosaki, who had been born late in life, and came as a tremendous surprise to her parents, who believed they had been incapable of having children. [14] Reju bore another daughter, who was known as Doji Hitomi. [citation needed]

Toshiken's Yojimbo Edit

Doji Reju 2

Doji Reju

The night that Daigotsu Hoturi laid siege to Kyuden Kakita Reju lost his right hand to the tainted blind duelist Megumi while she was possessed by the spirit of Dairya trying to defend his ward Toshiken. Reju would also have been killed were it not for the timely arrival of Kakita Daimyo Kakita Noritoshi, Kakita Atoshi and Toturi Miyako. [15] After this event Reju thought he was useless. Before he could commit seppuku Reju was convinced by Kakita Hirotada that he still might serve the Crane. [16] [17]

Following the Emerald Champion Edit

In 1160 Reju was alongside the Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi and the Emerald Legions when they came to defend Shinsei's Last Hope from a Shadowlands army. Reju did not reach the city and wondered alone in the Shadowlands. [18]

Shinsei's Last Hope Edit

While traveling back to Kyuden Hida he was tempted by a seductive kansen. Reju activated his Full moon tattoo, weakening the kansen, and struck him down. In Crab lands he gathered the aid of a group Phoenix shugenjas led Isawa Nodotai, who were there in a diplomatic mission. They flyed to Last Hope and timely arrived to repel an attack made through a breach in the magical jade wall of the city. [13]

Topaz Championship Edit

In 1165 Reju was at Tsuma to see the Topaz Championship. He met Sakura, daughter of the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Kurohito, who won the contest, passed her gempukku and took the name of Doji Domotai. [9]

Hoshi, the Celestial Wanderer Edit

This night Reju told he had been visited by the Celestial Wanderer, Hoshi, who had returned to warn him about three strangers conspire against their Lords. [9] Later some said he warned about the Gozoku conspiracy. [19]

Empress' Guard Edit

Reju was appointed this year as a the leader of the Empress' Guard. He guarded the Emperor's bride Akodo Kurako. [20]

Reclaiming Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1167 Reju had an insight of the warning gave by the Celestial Wanderer two years ago. He told the Jade Champion, Asahina Sekawa, that darkness remained in the Ruins of Otosan Uchi, [21] and travelled with the Jade Legions to the South Hub Village. There they met the ronin Yotsu Seou, the Yotsu Daimyo, who said that was something within the city that ruled the night. [22]

Death Edit

They marched to Otosan Uchi, and in 1168 within the ruined Forbidden Palace began a great battle, with the aid of the Yotsu, and a group of Unicorn led by Shinjo Shono. Sekawa prepared to confront Ninube Chochu, the enemy leader, who drew a killing blow to the Jade Champion. Reju saved Sekawa's life at the cost of his own. His daughter Ryosaki appeared and killed Chochu, ending the battle and avenging her father. Reju realized he had survived many other times to protect the Keeper of the Five Rings that day, and to help him purify this ancient city, and proud of his daughter he passed away. [23]

Legacy Edit

In the year 1200 it was said that Reju's spirit guided the Emperor Iweko II. [24]

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