Doji Razan

Doji Razan

Doji Razan was a bushi, courtier, duelist, and magistrate of the Crane Clan. He fought the heretical teachings of Fudo in the Colonies, [1] in his station as Ivory Magistrate. [2]


The Storm of Crystal Edit

In 1199 Razan, Isawa Mizuhama, and Togashi Noritada were at Jungle's Shadow Village when the slumbering Ashalan known as Crystal Wind attacked the village. Akodo Chiyu, Yasuki Daisuki, Moto Miyu, and Yoritomo Tonogi formed another group to flank the enemy. [3] Razan and Mizuhama escaped, while many others died or where enthralled by mistrious blue sigils. They met another survivor, Miyu, who was in company of a nezumi, Br'nn. The group was surrounded by those who the Ashalan had enthralled, and eventually they faced Crystal Wind. Br'nn collapsed a tunnel warren beneath the Ashalan, and Miyu grabbed a Blue Dagger the enemy had been using. The weapon bore sigils to Miyu that enthralled him. The effects passed once Crystal Wind died, pierced by one of his own strange weapons. [4]

Traditionalist Edit

In 1199 Iweko Seiken had seized control of the Second City, and the Traditionalist Razan was among his advisors there. The Imperial Heir announced his belief that the Imperial Bureaucracy proved itself a hindrance to Imperial rule, not an asset. He told that after his appointment as Emperor all samurai would be required to live for one year in a rural village, if they wished to hold any significant imperial office. This policy would clear out most of the Imperial Bureaucracy. There would be virtually no bureaucracy left. [5]

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