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Doji Ran 
Doji Ran 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1168

Doji Ran acted as a liaison between the respectable front of the Crane Clan and its less honorable elements, the Harriers.

Gaijin Pepper Edit

In 1167 Ran came with Daidoji Shihei to Toshi Ranbo from Kosaten Shiro. Shihei had been unconscious for weeks, recovering from wounds caused by an explosion of a hidden cache of gaijin powder. The bandaged samurai told Asahina Keitaro that his men were patrolling the Lion border under his command when they came upon a group of three Dragon and a Zokujin that had discovered a hidden weapons locker. There was an explosion during the fight and he thought everyone else had died, but the scouts who found him only located two Dragon corpses, so one had escaped. The Dragon were Nemuranai Seekers under the track of the Anvil of Despair, hidden by the Crane in their territory. But Keitaro had another thing hidden from public eyes, the Lost Daidoji Rekai. Ran was ordered to move Rekai to Kosaten Shiro to keep the secrecy of the prisoner. [1]

Death Edit

She was responsible for the defence of Kosaten Shiro when the Dragon attacked beginning the War of Silk and Steel. When the castle fell, the blame for this failure and for the escape of Daigotsu Rekai was placed upon her shoulders by Asahina Keitaro and she was forced to commit seppuku to atone for her mistakes. [2] [3]

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