Doji Oruku 
Doji Oruku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Doji Ryoma

Doji Oruku was a magistrate of the Crane Clan.

Family Edit

Oruku had a brother, Doji Ryoma. [1]

Appearance Edit

Oruku was a tall, athletic, trustworthy and capable Crane. His clothing characteristically elegant and pristine. [2]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Oruku was stationed in Ryoko Owari Toshi. [3] He was a servant of the local hatamoto, Doji Tsumetsu. [4]

Maho activity Edit

In 1120 during the Bon Festival an attack of Chizaro no Oni to the Inn of the Orange Blossom had killed two Cranes, Doji Usiina and Daidoji Anitano. This event put him upon Maho-tsukai tracks. [3] First it was supposed the oni had been seeking a sword retrieved by Anitano from the Shadowlands, [4] the Blade of Secrets, but they later knew about it was not its target. The oni was behind several Porcelain Masks which had been first smuggled, later stolen by bandits, and eventually sold to several merchants. [5]

Chizaro no Oni Edit

Oruku joined a group of samurai under the tracks of the cause of these events, and they confronted the oni in the shop of Whisper. There they found one of the masks. [6] They moved to the Licensed Quarter and found Whisper in the House of Water Lilies, who shortly after was killed by the oni which in turn was destroyed by the group. Oruku claimed the Blade of Secrets who had been in possession of the late merchant. [7]

Seeking the cultists Edit

During their wanderings they met Hida Muchi, Kaiu Shinya, Yasuki Nobuko, and [[Kuni Ryo]. After the last visit they were ambushed by Maho-tsukai who wounded Oruku, although the group managed to capture Yaraiko, who accused Ryo before he was left in the prison to wait his execution. [8]

Cultist uncovered Edit

Oruku eventually disrupted a dire ritual of a Moon cult. Oruku himself faced the leader of the cell, Isawa Orimono and killed him. The succesfully mission allowed Oruku to advance within the clan to serve Doji Hoturi directly. [1]

Secret Bargain Edit

Orimono was the knickname of Isawa Muchito, a very high-ranking member of the Isawa family. Oruku had been cursed during the fight, and in return for healing him, the Phoenix demanded his silence. Orimono was recorded as dead, and the name of Muchito was never exposed, and the honor of the Isawa was spared. [1]


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