Doji Onegano 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Doji Masako 
Children: Doji Suzume

Doji Onegano was a diplomat of the Crane Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Onegano was a wealthy and well-known courtier, a high-ranking member of the Doji family. A clever negotiator, he built a fortune in gifts and favors for settling minor disputes. Yet he was miserly in spite of his wealth, so many of his followers believed he was greedy. He became unpopular for his haughtiness and the high taxes he levied, as his sister Doji Masako warned him. [1]

Son Edit

Onegano was burdened with a son named Doji Suzume, a somewhat witless young man who tended to speak before thinking, showing little aptitude for politics. Onegano often brought his son with him to courts and negotiations, hoping the experience would rub off on the boy. [1]

Crane-Crab War Edit

Onegano was ousted from the Crane Clan after his son Doji Suzume made an errant and delinquent comment in open court about the wealth of the Crane during the negotiations over the Yasuki War's conclusion. The comment was believed by many to be a plot by Onegano against his Champion, and his favor with peasants grew substantially. Inevitably the Crane Clan Champion Doji Raigu was outraged at the apparent display of disloyalty, and told Onegano to leave the clan and create a minor clan if he was displeased with the Champion's leadership. [2] [3]

Sparrow Clan Edit

The Emperor Hantei Kusada gave Onegano land stripped from the Crab and Crane, and many of the peasants that had thought so highly of him followed him to those new lands. This allowed a final conclusion to the war and removed a source of distraction and embarrassment for the Crane. [2] [3] The rich lands that once belonged to Onegano were appropriated by the Emperor's cousins, the Seppun. Onegano retired shortly after to a Phoenix monastery, leaving Suzume to lead the new Sparrow Clan, having been the cause of the creation of the clan. [4]


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