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Doji Noriko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165

Doji Noriko was the senior magistrate of all Doji provinces. She was in secret a Bloodspeaker, taking advantage of her station to aid the cultists. [1]

Cell Destroyed Edit

In 1164 her subordinate Doji Kintaro exposed and executed a number of Bloodspeakers in his province. Noriko managed to destroy the documents seized to the cultists before they were ever entered into the Imperial records. [1]

Death Edit

One year later Noriko introduced Kintaro in the Imperial Court, to be praised by the Emperor Toturi III himself. During the audience Noriko's true loyalties were revealed, and Isawa Sezaru killed her on the spot. Kintaro was promoted by the Emperor. [1]


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