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Doji Munoto 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Provincial Governor of Umoeru Mura

Doji Munoto was a courtier of the Crane Clan.

Punished Edit

In 1153 Munoto accidentally insulted one of Kakita Atoshi's favored poets at a Winter Court, and he was punished to rule as Provincial Governor of Umoeru Mura, Rubble Village. [1]

Governor Edit

When he first arrived he was shocked by the misery and open corruption he witnessed. He repeatedly sent for assistance to fix the problem, but was repeatedly denied. [2] Munoto became an extremely bitter man, being ignored by his superiors. He bothered the open, bald-faced corruption around him. His magistrates accepted bribes, collected protection money, gamble, and deal in illicit substances with the local peasants and bandits. The simple truth he came to face was that no one cared about Umoeru Mura. [1]

Visited by the Obsidian Oracle Edit

In 1170 a few new visitors had begun to be seen in Rubble Village, ronin wearing a spider-shaped mon. The Scorpion named Shosuro Maru had private discussions with Munoto. [2]


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