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Doji Masekari 
Born: 1098 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Seppun Guri,
Seppun Toseriko 
Spouse: Doji Shogo 
Children: Doji Ogoru,
Un-named daughter

Seppun Masekari was courtier of the Seppun who became Doji Masekari after her marriage.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Masekeri was a lovely maiden, very pleasant to see. She had a warm laugh, and a genuine friendliness to her conversations. Masekari's eyes were blue, a trait she inherited from her mother, though her skin and hair weare dark. [1]

Family Edit

Masekari was daughter of Seppun Guri and Seppun Toseriko. When she was an infant, Toseriko died from a rare and untreatable disease called ogugai. Masekari was raised by the family's servant Hojiki. [2]

Betrothed Edit

At the age of eight she learned that Doji Shogo was her groom-to-be, and the date for the wedding would be after Masekari's gempukku. When she was fourteen many expected Masekari would come to age, but her teachers disagreed and informed she would have to wait two years before her gempukku. [3]

Marriage Edit

The wedding happened at Otosan Uchi and Masekari recovered the happiness she has lost during the unexpected two years of waiting. The first son, Doji Ogoru was born two years after the marriage, and a daughter four years later. [4]

Suitor Edit

In 1122 Shogo was called away to serve on the Kaiu Wall. Since his disappearance, a Scorpion courtier and Shogo's brother-in-law, Bayushi Akeu, took a strong interest in Masekeri and people began to spread gossip he was her suitor. The rumors were even stronger when word that Shogo had died arrived. [4]

Handmaiden Edit

In 1125 Masekari was the handmaiden at times of the Emperor's wife, Bayushi Kachiko, a position which conferred on her father a great deal of prestige. [5]

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