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Doji Masazumi was a bushi of the Crane Clan, descendant of Doji Haranobu, founder of the Empress' Guard during the Dawn of the Empire. [1]

Empress's Guard Edit

His ancestor Haranobu returned through the Oblivion's Gate, and reunited the Empress' Guard, whose members had scattered in shame and obscurity since the rule of Hantei XXXIX. Masazumi stepped forth to join the Guard. [2]

Defending the Empress Edit

In 1140 during the War of Spirits an influential Doji returned spirit betrayed the Steel Chrysanthemum with news of a secret ambush. Toturi Kaede's magical powers would be negated with a gaijin lamp. The ninja assassins believed they could bind the kami from in aream, long enough to murder her and kidnap her infant son, Toturi Naseru. Masazumi saved his charges destroying with an arrow the lamp, but Haranobu and many of his companions were killed. [3]


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