Doji Koin 
Doji Koin 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Doji Soh

Doji Koin was a Crane magistrate and ambassador who was sent to the Badger Clan.

Family Edit

Koin was Doji Soh's younger brother. [1]

Discovery of Ryoshun's Grave Edit

In 1166 the Badger Clan had bareky been able to pay their taxes, so the imperial families sent a functionary, Miya Tsurugi, to decide whether the Badger's minor clan status should be revoked. Koin came there to claim the right of the Crane to defend the Ichiro lands if the Badger lose their Minor Clan status. To be sent so far from home he must had offended someone important or believed he could prove himself there. Koin's shugenja advisor at that time was Asahina Hira, who was considered by Koin as a helpless old blind man. Upon Hira's discovery that the Badger guarded the Ryoshun's Grave, the tomb of the Tenth Kami, Ryoshun, Tsurugi informed the Badger had been fulfilling Hantei's charge, and Koin pledged the Crane Clan to pay the small clan taxes the next year. Hira proved he was enlightened and became the Keeper of Void. [2]

The Badgers Live Edit

In 1170 when the Army of Fire threatened to overwhelm the Badger forces, Koin was the last remaining guest. Badger Champion Ichiro Kihongo would not have the Badger abandon their ancestral duty, even if it meant facing his clan's extinction, and asked Koin to leave. To save both the Badger's honor and his future, the Crane asked Kihongo for an honor escort - which would include all Badger children. By the time Kihongo agreed, the yobanjin scouts had come to close to be circumvented. Koin, with the help of his yojimbo Daidoji Sugoru, managed to find a Badger sentry whose father had dug a mine shaft straight into the foundations of Shiro Ichiro. With this escape route, the Badger's future was saved. [3]

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