Doji Kazo

Doji Kazo

Doji Kazo was a bushi and duelist of the Crane Clan.

Friendly Traveller Village Edit

Seized by the Crane Edit

In 1158 Doji Kazo used Mantis-built warship to transport troops and take the Friendly Traveller Village in a swift attack. [1] He quickly was supported by the influent Yasuki Jinn-Kuen, who swore his fealty was with the Yasuki, currently commanded by Yasuki Hachi, the Crane-born Yasuki Daimyo. Kazo did not know that Jinn-Kuen also had sworn allegiance to Hida Shara, the Crab commander and Kazo's opponent. [2]

Contested by the Crab Edit

Doji Kazo 2

Doji Kazo

The Crab prepared to face Kazo in battle to retake the village. The battle was interrupted before it began by the arrival of the Emerald Champion, Yasuki Hachi. Hachi began negotiations that proposed Crab and Crane to share control of the village. [1] Kazo and Shara accepted the peace treaty. [3]

Hida Shara's Advisor Edit

Kazo remained and maintaied the peace ha had achieved, as a Crane ambassador and advisor to Hida Shara. He was who first realized that the rise in maho activity along the coast was due to the return of Fu Leng during the War in the Heavens. [4]

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